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Vantive Values

The Vantive Foundation culture and operational model are a product of the organizations shared values. Our culture and values create the underpinning of our program strategy. In many ways, we apply business-like management discipline, measurement and accountability to our strategic endeavors. We are keen to maintain clear vision, strong leadership, measurable achievement, open communications, transparency, a sense of urgency and above all a steadfast passion for the programs we deem critically important.

It is our persona to work hard, think smart and move quickly. We consider ourselves competitive individuals who know what it takes to win. We love what we do, we're proud of our work and we will achieve a measurable positive impact in the programs which we dedicate ourselves.

Our shared values include the following behaviors.

Responsible Governance
The Company's Board of Directors is a proactive, inquisitive and synergistic group charged with sponsorship and review of the organization's Corporate Governance Plan. The company's use of a specific Policy Governance Plan, thoughtful guiding principals, structured operating model, conservative accounting practices, reporting disclosures, effective Board composition and measurable management metrics are intended to achieve the highest level of Board governance and oversight, stakeholder confidence and alignment with our partners and public interests.

Integrity and Ethics
Vantive maintains a working environment with ethics and integrity at the core. Strong ethics that permeate the organization set clear expectations for all to recognize. Reinforced ethical behaviors not only allow our staff, volunteers and partners to work in an open, creative and ethical environment, but also produce investor confidence, benefactor trust, community loyalty, litigation avoidance and personal pride.

Sound Financial Policy
Vantive adheres to disciplined fiscal responsibility and conservative accounting practices. Accounting practices utilized by the company include annual operational plans, period-based financial reporting with budget comparison, variance analysis, key metric dashboards, trend analysis, ratio reviews, timely period-end closings, liberal use of financial statement footnotes and a 6 sigma approach to financial presentation.

Operational Agility
We recognize the substantive advantages of being nimble and agile. Vantive defines agility as the ability to respond quickly but appropriately in order to capitalize on opportunities which support our mission. It is necessary to put into place standards and processes to make fast but controlled decisions. Agility also achieves innovation by instilling flexibility, the ability to seek out alternative solutions for comparison and decisions which promote advancement and the accomplishment of our strategic goals.

Noncompromising Reputation
Vantive is creating a mission-based organization which will achieve an enviable reputation as a successful and credible change agent in philanthropic endeavors which leave the world a better place. We clearly recognize that our reputation proceeds our accomplishments and that it is the ultimate lit ness test in our long-term viability. Every staff member and volunteer takes pride in belonging to an organization that works so diligently to protect and elevate our reputation and position in the industry.

As a non-profit, we depend on gifts to operate (donations, grants, sponsorship, etc.). It is very important to us to ensure our organization stays free of influence in the way it operates. For this reason, we strictly follow a donation policy, reserve the right to refuse donations which could impose constraints, and try to multiply the diversity of revenue sources.

Our causes are not constrained by borders. Though US-based, our Foundation's causes encompass the world’s oceans and climate which are clearly global in nature. Our trustees, leaders, staff and volunteers are involved without discrimination based on their religion, political beliefs, sexual preferences or nationalities. We embrace diversity.

Our objectives, programs and progress are communicated in a transparent fashion to our stakeholders, constituents and the public at large.

Our community is our biggest asset. The many are more powerful than the few. It is to our advantage and our programs’ benefit to operate with a mix of staff and volunteers in order to maximize resourcing and progress. We support community-led collaborative projects, and must respect the work and the ideas of our community. We choose to actively listen and take into account our communities in the decisions taken to achieve our mission.

A Relentless Sense of Urgency
We only know one speed - all out! Loyalty is a virtue we admire; patience is a virtue we do not. Finding self motivation or motivation from others is essential; apathy or indifference is a disease. Our sense of urgency is generally preceded by self-motivation and often displayed by intensity. This sense of urgency and drive for accomplishment is a core trait.

Uncompromising Professionalism
Professionalism is the hallmark of a reputable organization and the price of admission to Vantive. Professionalism includes integrity, work ethic, disposition, reliability and commitment to the mission and the community. Professionalism is a human trait which you either have or you don't; there is no in-between or varying degree. Professionalism, including the core elements of integrity, work ethic and reliability as well as behavioral attributes such as honesty, fairness, mutual respect, "doing the right thing" and "doing things right" are requisite for contributing to the Vantive Foundation.

Creative Thinking
We really don't care about the way it's always been or the way everybody else does it. Maintaining the status quo will not produce the desired results to the causes which we dedicate ourselves. Therefore, we strive to continually innovate new solutions to pressing problems. Our philosophy is that foundations are either innovating or imitating. We strive to provide an informal, stimulating and team-based environment which promotes creative thinking that spawns new ideas, break-through actions and greater contributions to our causes.

More Leaders; Fewer Followers
Notwithstading our promotion of community and the Power of Many, we strongly encourage independent initiative and self imposed leadership from every person on the team. Our instruction to all participants is to 'act like you own the cause'.

Successful team players show a willingness to accept individual responsibility and shared accountability. Excuses are the nemesis of accountability.

Team Work
A true promotion of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation creates a synergy that is truly unbeatable. Vitality, competence and a desire both to teach others and to learn from others is experience that elevates individuals and our programs to otherwise unreachable levels. All team members should be cognizant, aware and responsive to the individual differences among team contributors. To promote a positive and progressive working environment, all staff should be receptive to each other's ideas concerning improved methods and ways to advance our common causes.

As a team, we review our shared values periodically. Occasionally, we modify them to reflect our most current thinking. The last review and update was performed January 20, 2010.




An Attitude of Gratitude:

Charitable giving accounted for 2.2% of gross domestic product.

Source: Giving USA 2009






Daily Values Review:

  • We Above Me
  • Earn Respect & Give Respect
  • Exceptional Performance Every Day
  • Each Day is a Gift
  • Make The World Better Today














Charity is the power of defending that which we know to be indefensible.
Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate.

~ G. K. Chesterton