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A Message From The CEO

It is one thing to value our precious resources and entirely another to act to protect that value. We are here for the simple reason that we value certain causes and we are motivated to protect them.

I and other Vantive Foundation participants have invested countless hours, spoken with scores of volunteers, collaborated online with diverse communities and met with partners and adversaries in order to promote understanding and exchange ideas as well as continually improve our program strategy, collective knowledge and pursuit of mission. Our members and supporters share a common vision, willingness to act and steadfast determination to create positive change.

Here's your call to action: if preservation of our oceans and marine wildlife are of value to you, join us to help protect them. It’s really that simple.

Actions speak louder than words and when your actions are magnified with a powerful group of like minded activists we can collectively make a difference.

At Vantive, every minute contributed counts, every participant’s input counts and every dollar contributed and invested counts.

I also make a special call to corporate leaders. The terminology is everywhere: corporate social responsibility (CSR), community investment (CI), triple bottom line business (TBL), sustainable business, social business, social value creation, ethical business, not-just-for-profit business, creative capitalism ...

Whatever you want to call it (and we're going to call it "responsible business" or "social business"), the idea that companies are paying attention to more comprehensive business results than they once did is unequivocal. It's no longer just about economic performance, but also how a company and its stakeholders interact with and impact social and environmental issues. It's about how you conduct business and treat people, and connecting those greater social values to your bottom line. And it's transforming corporate strategy everywhere.

Why are companies motivated to undertake responsible business practices? Quite simply, they are finding it is good for business. Research has shown that companies incorporating social responsibility or community investment initiatives into their business models perform better financially, and have better relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

The contributions by individuals and corporate leaders count and make a recognizable difference in our world; for ourselves, our children and our descendents.

Please join us in our collective efforts to protect the well being of our planet, oceans and marine life.

You can’t help someone uphill without getting closer to the top yourself.


Chuck Schaeffer







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Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness.
It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.

~ Helen Keller